The Course of Out Of Fashion

Out of Fashion is for young, up-and-coming professionals interested in starting their own business or launching their own brand, for those working in the textiles industry, for students from schools of fashion, art, and design. For those who see fashion as a powerful catalyst for change and want to be an active participant in the process.

Out of Fashion offers a unique opportunity to join a growing network of fashion designers, experts, and other professionals from the fashion industry who are committed to innovation and sustainability.

Our Lecturers

The modular course will be taught by prominent international experts within the cultural and fashion systems: experts in fashion, art, ethics, manufacturing, communications, and economics.

The Masterclass: A Modular Program

Out of Fashion consists of six masterclasses plus two sessions dedicated to business start-ups.

The issue of ethical and aware fashion is examined in all of its aspects: materials and environmental sustainability, technological innovation, supply chain traceability, corporate responsibility and workers’ rights, communications and consumer relations.

The masterclasses include lectures, case history analysis, corporate visits, and workshops.

The modular structure of the course allows students to attend from one to six masterclasses plus it gives students the opportunity to participate in our business start-up program free of charge.

Design a Sustainably Conscious Fashion Company

For those enrolled in at least three modules, at the end of the course an additional two sessions will be offered in collaboration with CNA Milano on founding a start-up. Each of the two sessions will illustrate the opportunities for developing your own business idea and will guide you through your journey to become self-employed in the field of sustainable fashion.